32 inch x 24 inch Shipping Container Single Slider Window


White Low-E Argon Single Slider Window 32″ x 24″


All of our windows sizes are designed to fit within the outer-most part of the shipping container protruded rib, leaving nice clean lines on both vertical sides of the window. Every one of our windows has an exterior 2″ x 4″ structural steel frame that is finished with weldable primer. All windows are engineered and welded to put the structural integrity back into the shipping container.

Our window systems are award-winning, state of the art and energy efficient. They come with a lifetime warranty and guaranteed to bring you the most comfort and style in your brand new container home. Window installation has never been easier with the Cut and Burn System. Save time and money when you install your windows using this pending patent system.

These windows have been in production since 1934. These are quality windows, not to be confused with entry level window companies that you find in big box retailers.  No regrinds are used in our vinyl, we use only the best virgin vinyl and stainless steel. There is no aluminum at all in our windows; your windows will last as long as your container. They come completely ready to use with screens. There are no flat window profiles, each window comes with a European cove exterior, and has one of the highest rating U-Factor and SHGC. Style is NOT sacrificed for quality here.

Model: CCS 36.25-28.25

White Low-E Argon Slider Window
Viewed from Inside
Base Color = Soft White
Half Screen
Lock Type = Standard
Lock Color = Soft White
Primary Sash = R
Glass Package = Low-E+ & Argon
Clear = Yes
Argon Gas
Stainless Intercept
Single Strength

NFRC Values:
U-FACTOR: 0.29
SHGC: 0.3
VT: 0.55
CR: 60

Window Width: 32 inches
Window Height: 24 inches
Steel Frame Width (opening size in the container): 36.25
Steel Frame Height (opening size in the container): 28.25

Lead Time: 

There is a 3 week lead time for all window systems.

Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 36.25 × 4 × 28.25 in