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Container Construction Systems is pleased to announce the completion of the Chester House, a three-container home that is the first shipping container home in the Washington County Tennessee area. Nestled in beautiful Limestone, Tennessee, the Chester House is a one of a kind shipping container home specific to the client’s dreams. 


The home design process started when the client, Jay Chester, reached out to the Lead Designer at Container Construction Systems, Robin Weatherby, about his new home. Robin was able to work with Jay and take his dream home from an idea to concept, to design, to build.


The final design that Jay approved incorporates many of the specialized building methods and systems exclusive to Container Construction Systems.



Jay’s home started its journey as three separate one-trip shipping containers; one 40ft and two 20 ft. Even though most one-trip containers are nearly perfect, CCS ensures that all containers used in its builds are pressure washed and steam cleaned before any modifications occur. Once the container is cleaned and dry, the CCS team laid out Jay’s windows on the sides of the container. Jay selected CCS 32.25-64.25 Picture Window, CCS 32.25-64.25 Slider Window, CCS 56.25-22.25 Picture Window, and CCS100.25-22.25 Picture Windows as part of the Crystal Window Line for his home. Each window was installed using the Patent-Pending Cut and Burn System, an exclusive system that takes 2×4 steel metal and makes a frame around each window. The frame fits perfectly into the Shipping Container cut out, and adds the structural integrity back into the container that was lost once the window holes are cut out. Each metal frame is welded into the shipping container. The window is screwed and caulked into the frame so that the window doesn’t move during any transport. The metal frames can be insulated if there was a code requirement, but Jay selected not to at this time.

Jay specially selected the colors of his home; each shipping container was primed with Pro-Cryl Medium Gray Universal Acrylic Primer and painted Cyberspace Gray 7076, the window frames were painted Amber Wave 6657 to make them pop. The paint was provided through an exclusive partnership with Sherwin Williams.


For his doors, Jay selected a single 30×60 standard entry door as well as the CCs 140X80 sliding glass door. The sliding door was installed with the Cut and Burn System like the windows.


CCS officials also worked to make sure that the footers and columns were dug, concreted, and placed correctly for the foundation of the home. Specially designed patent-pending anchor plates for the home were added to each column to ensure the house doesn’t move once set.

The home was transported to Limestone, Tennessee, and placed into each designated spot using a construction crane. Once set, each container was welded to the previously mentioned attachment plates. An additional frame was welded at each door connector to close any gap between each container. Before turning over the keys to Jay, the CCS team conducted a final check to see if there were any more welding needs or any touchups were needed for the paint.

For his roof, Jay selected a new product from CCS. The GAF Roof System adds a rubberized roof that has R-13 insulation and a slope to defer water collection. The GAF Roofing System will allow Jay to add a rooftop deck when he is ready.


One important feature of the Chester House is a custom-built shipping container deck that goes on the front of the home. This one of a kind deck was specially engineered for this home. A 20 ft. flat deck shipping container was used as the base of Jay’s deck. Once washed, the CCS team added shims to build up the sides since flat decks have an arch in them naturally. Special attachments were fabricated and welded to the corner casters to ensure the other containers attached once the home was placed. The flat deck was primed and painted the same color as the rest of the house. After the paint dried, the main decking was installed. Boards were bolted down to the steel frame using carriage bolts. Each deck board was glued down to the top of shims before being screwed down.


Container Construction Systems is proud to provide the first shipping container home to Washington County and the Limestone area. We certainly hope that Jay and his family enjoy the comforts of home and the uniqueness of living in a shipping container home.


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